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At this time, our highest priority is the safety, health and well being of our staff, clients and community.  PBS is a small office that is easily able to adhere to the CDC policies/recommendations as it pertains to social gathering.  We have always operated as a small efficient group and can easily continue to do so.  Our staff works diligently to adhere to your policies as it pertains to payment guidelines all the while balancing struggles that consumers may face with illnesses, job changes or losses and community driven financial challenges.  We have always approached these issues with compassion and empathy.  COVID-19 leads us into uncharted territories and the impacts will no doubt be far reaching and long lasting.  PBS would like to take this opportunity to reach out and let you know that we are willing to make any changes necessary as it pertains to collecting on your accounts.  We can make adjustments to your existing repayment policies as you deem necessary.  As always, we readily offer your financial application to consumers and will continue to assess the need and offer the application.

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Organizations may register for a new secure collections account to submit and manage your collections records.

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Log in to your secure Centron Services Inc.  web app to manage accounts you are submitting for collection.


Contact us with any questions.  406-453-5988 | 800-511-5988 | Fax 406-453-4144

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Consumers may make a payment on accounts here.

Patient Business Services

Patient Business Services – Managed Accounts Program

Patient Business Services hastens account receivable payments and increases cash flow without costly contingency fees. Timely dollar recovery is proficiently handled in our office, allowing your staff to work productively on more profitable duties.

Patient Business Services is designed to reduce the work by your staff on account collections. Hospitals, clinics and physicians have found this program to be an efficient and cost-effective method to aid in the collection of non-default accounts. Our staff handles the billing and follow-up, thereby freeing your staff to work on more productive endeavors.

Patient Business Services representatives can help even the flow of your accounts receivable payments. Patients are contacted, their willingness to pay determined and payment arrangements that are compatible with your credit policy are set.

Patient Business Services enables your staff to more efficiently handle insurance billing, patient inquiries, high balance accounts and other important procedures.

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