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Patient Business Services – Managed Accounts Program

Patient Business Services is pleased to offer our Managed Accounts Program for current self-pay accounts receivable. This program is designed to help reduce the workload of your patient accounts representatives by having our staff cycle bill the patient and handle follow-up contacts in a patient friendly manner. Since 1995 both hospitals and physicians using this service have found it to be an effective and reasonably priced tool to aid them in the collection of current account receivables. Our Managed Accounts Program is operated through our Great Falls, Montana office.

Managed Accounts is an option available to your facility that will allow your staff to effectively utilize their time on more profitable activities such as pursuing past-due insurance and large balance accounts. Our customer service representatives work diligently to help even the flow of your accounts by contacting patients regarding their self-pay balances. The willingness of a patient to pay is determined and we set up payment arrangements that are compatible with your credit policy. Since we are working accounts that your patient account representatives are not always able to get to, we remind patients of neglected obligations. Another benefit is that if a patient has a complaint in regards to their account (billing, insurance, Medicare/Medicaid) we can convey their concerns to your staff.

Since our Managed Accounts Program is designed to work with current accounts, we notify the patient that the account has been assigned to Patient Business Services and that we are an account management company.

As in all services that we offer, we take public relations very seriously. It is especially important that your community understands what it is that Patient Business Services does and how it affects them. Once Managed Accounts is chosen as an option, all of your Business Office employees should be made aware that this service is being utilized and how to respond to patient questions and concerns. We can provide the in-house training necessary to familiarize your staff with our programs and procedures. This training will help smooth the transition of the accounts from your facility to our management program.

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